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Who Is German Actor Quentin d’Hainaut?- Age, Family & Net Worth 2022

Let’s find out ‘Who Is German Actor Quentin d’Hainaut?’ Due to the recent release of his new project, Lost Bullet 2, fans are interested in German actor Quentin d’Hainaut.

He started learning Chinese martial arts at 14 in Amiens under Philippe Nguyen.

Likewise, he immediately began technical competition (Taolu) and focused on boxing in southern China Nan quan. His skills will be organized combat, the sword Nandao, and the stick, Nangun and Duilian.

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Quentin was chosen to represent France at the World Championship in Beijing (China) in 2007 and Ankara (Turkey) in 2011 following multiple triumphs in the French Championship. 

He then joined the French team, which resulted in two medals. Silver at the 2014 and 2012 European Championships in Bucharest, Romania, and Tallinn, Estonia.

Grandmaster Mark Houghton instructed him in the traditional Hung-gar style in Hong Kong and was a disciple and heir of Liu Chia-Liang.

As a result, he became his student and one of the Lau family’s representatives in Europe.

Who Is German Actor Quentin d’Hainaut?

Age Explored 

A former member of the French Kung Fu Wushu team, Quentin d’Hainaut was born on August 30, 1984, in Amiens, Hauts-de-France. He is a French actor, stuntman, and top athlete.

He captured 16 French technical champion titles and 2 European vice-champion titles between 2005 and 2015.

Who Is German Actor Quentin d'Hainaut
Quentin D’Hainaut In His Movie Poster Les Sacrifies (Source: Instagram)

As of [Current Year], Quentin d’Hainaut is 38 years old. 

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He teaches Wing Chun, which he studied in Hong Kong under Professor Cliff Au-Yeung, a student of Wong Shun Leung.

In 2017, he and Léo Benouaich and Wilfried Maquin co-founded Fanling Kung Fu, where he is still a Chinese martial arts instructor. 2019 sees the club become the most prosperous Kung-Fu school in France.

Quentin d’Hainaut Family Details 

Quentin d’Hainaut was born in Amines, France. He may have a very disciplined family as he was an athlete from childhood. His family members are unavailable, as he has kept his family away from the paparazzi. 

He may or may not come from a wealthy background but from his hard work and dedication, he has brought joy to his family by making his name in the movie industry. 

He has a diploma in Audiovisual Production from ESRA. From 2009-2011 he learned his Meisner and Stanilavski techniques from an Acting International school in France. He completed his training at HQ for Classical and Contemporary Theater in 2012. 

German actor Quentin d’Hainaut Net Worth 2022

Quentin d’Hainaut Net Worth In [Current-Year]

According to Net Worth Post, Quentin d’Hainaut net worth is estimated to be $18 million as of [Current-Year]. He is well known for his artistic skills in Kung-fu and martial arts and has participated in many movies being a stuntman. 

After graduating from the ESR Academy of Audiovisual Production, he received his training as an actor at Acting International.

Before landing roles for France Télévisions and on stage, he gained experience in front of the camera in short films, commercials, and web series. He will portray Trivelin in La Double Inconstancy by Marivaux or Jay in Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome.

Who Is German Actor Quentin d'Hainaut
Quentin D’Hainaut With The Legend JCDV (Left) (Source: Instagram)

Due to his martial arts training, he began working as a combat-focused stuntman in various movies starting in 2014.

He portrayed the murderer Yann Miramas in the 2016 television productions Plus belle la vie and Infiltration on France 3.

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Two years later, during the show’s first season at Disneyland Paris, he dons the Captain America outfit on stage.

He co-starred with Jean-Claude Van Damme in the summer of 2020s, The Last Mercenary, directed by David Charhon, and later appeared in Amr Arafa’s famous Egyptian film People of the Cave.

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