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Who Is Payton Ryan? Family Facts On Rex Ryan’s Son and Children

Exploring ‘Who Is Payton Ryan? Family Facts On Rex Ryan’s Son and Children’ Fans of the National Football League (NFL) are familiar with Rex Ryan’s family, but there are a select few names that we have left out, including one of his gifted sons, Payton Ryan. The fans have recently shown a strong interest in learning more about him and have persisted in asking where he is.

What you need to know about Payton Ryan, Rex Ryan’s oldest child.

Who Is Payton Ryan? His Wikipedia

The Son of famed football coach Rex Ryan is Payton Ryan. He is an athlete and a fan of the NFL.

He shares his family’s love of sports, despite being the less well-known son of the coach Rex Ryan.

Payton was given the name Walter Payton in honor of his father, who coached the Hall of Fame running back.

Rex Ryan with his son's and family members.
Who Is Payton Ryan? Family Facts On Rex Ryan’s Son and Children
Rex Ryan with his son’s and family members.( Source : Heavy )

The son of veteran coach Rex is active on the Twitter handle with the handle name @paytonryan23. He has been active on the platform since March 2016 and has amassed 211 followers. His feed is filled up with NFL-related posts.

Payton Ryan’s Age & Height

The oldest son of Rex Ryan is Payton. Seth, his younger brother, is now 28 years old, thus Payton is probably in his forties.

Many of Ryan’s features come from his father. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall, for instance. His physical weight is 250 pounds as well.

Rex Ryan, his father, is 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) tall. Seth, his brother, is also six feet tall.

Meet Payton Ryan’s Parents 

Payton Ryan is the son of Rex Ryan(father) and Michelle Ryan(mother). 

Late in the 2010’s season, Payton’s parents were making headlines after a video of them had gone viral over time. In a video of the couple, a woman who resembled Michelle was seen showing off her feet to an unnoticed-sounding male.

Payton Ryan's mother, Michelle with his father, Rex Ryan.
Who Is Payton Ryan? Family Facts On Rex Ryan’s Son and Children
Payton Ryan’s mother, Michelle with his father, Rex Ryan.( Source : Fanbuzz )

Rex declined to comment on his family matter. However, it has been widely accepted that he and his wife were in the video.

In 2009, it was revealed that Payton’s father, Ryan struggled with dyslexia his entire childhood. He underwent lap-band surgery at NYU Medical Center in the years that followed to combat his weight. He also had a hernia treated at the same time.

Payton Ryan’s Father, Rex Ryan, Is A Retired Coach

The father of Payton Ryan, Rex Ryan, is a well-known figure in American football. He served as the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets’ former head coach in the National Football League.

Oklahoma’s Ardmore is where Rex Ryan was born and raised. Buddy Ryan, his father, is a well-known NFL head coach. He is also Rex and Ron’s fraternal twin sibling. Rex made the decision to emulate his father when he was six years old. Along with his brother, he played defensive end for Southwestern Oklahoma University.

Rex Ryan is the former coach of New York Jets and Buffalo Bills.
Who Is Payton Ryan? Family Facts On Rex Ryan’s Son and Children
Rex Ryan is the former coach of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills.( Source: Jetsxfactor )

Payton’s father was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2011. He began his coaching career at Eastern Kentucky as a graduate assistant. After that, he had positions as defensive coordinator at Morehead State and assistant coach at New Mexico Highlands.

The veteran coach graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s in physical education. While with the Jets, he resided in Summit, New Jersey. Later, Rex was hired by ESPN, where he is now a contributing analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown.

Payton Ryan’s Mother Is Michelle Ryan

Payton Ryan’s mother, Michelle Ryan, has discovered her role as a housewife. She met Rex Ryan at Southwestern Oklahoma State. The couple married in 1987 after years of dating and knowing each other.

During her first meet-up with her future husband, Michelle had been studying at Eastern Kentucky. Similarly, Rex had been working at the same university as a graduate assistant. Rex had ultimately proposed to Michelle over the phone. Nearly 28 years ago, the two got married and have been together ever since.

Michelle Ryan and Rex Ryan carrying the football helmet of New York jets.
Michelle Ryan and Rex Ryan carrying the football helmet of New York jets.( Source : Propercalifornia )

This year, a fascinating tale about Rob, Rex’s twin brother, now the Saints’ defensive coordinator, came to light. Rex refused to go on the double date Michelle had planned with the two brothers and a second woman.

As mentioned on the heavy, the altercation resulted in a dispute between two brothers, which landed Rex in jail for a night.

Payton Ryan Was Raised Alongside His Brother Seth Ryan

Seth Ryan and Payton Ryan were both reared in Phoenix, Arizona. They are hence extremely near.

Seth was born in 1994, and on March 26th, he celebrates his birthday. The ex-football player had experience with groups like the Clemson Tigers.

He was a preferred walk-on at Clemson and played cornerback and wide receiver at Summit High School in New Jersey, a state powerhouse. Instead, he was a wide receiver who made the team, redshirted in 2013, and then fractured his clavicle during practice prior to the 2014 season.

Seth Ryan is the assistant wide receivers coach for the Detroit Lions of the NFL.
Seth Ryan is the assistant wide receivers coach for the Detroit Lions of the NFL.( Source : Detroitlions )

As a coach, he started as a quality control coach for the Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL. After that, he got a big chance to work alongside headcoach Anthony Lynn. The former footballer moved to Detroit with Lynn in 2021 and was hired as the Lions’ assistant wide receivers coach.

Lynn was sacked as the offensive coordinator after the conclusion of the 2021 NFL season. However, Ryan remained with the Lions and was hired as the assistant wide receivers coach in 2022.

There are so many colleges Seth has received in his career. He has received prizes like FP national champion (2016), Fiesta Bowl Champion, Orange Bowl Champion (2015), and 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl Champion.

Is Payton Ryan Married?

Payton Ryan has not married yet.  In 2022, he is rumored to be seeing a stunning woman. However, the Prince has avoided bringing attention to his private life by not posting any images of her on social media.

Ryan has his eye firmly fixed on his footballing future. His greatest ambition is to help the team he plays compete and win major titles in the coming times.

Payton Ryan Comes From The Family Of Coaches

Payton comes from a family of football coaches. Besides, his father and brother, his grandfather, and his uncle have been head coaches.

Buddy Ryan, his grandfather, was the defensive coordinator for the 1985 Bears, widely regarded as one of the best defenses ever. His first coaching position came after the squad won Super Bowl XX with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Buddy Ryan passed away on the 16th of June 2016. 

Payton's father Rex, grandfather, Buddy, and uncle, Rob at a football stadium.
Payton’s father Rex, grandfather, Buddy, and uncle, Rob at a football stadium.( Source : Cbssports )

Like his father Rex, Rob Ryan also began coaching in a small-town Kentucky school in 1987. In his professional career, Rob has had a variety of positions with six different companies, including the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders.

Payton and Seth also have an uncle named Jim who has a different occupation than Rob. His elder uncle practiced law in the St. Louis region. He holds a law degree from St. Louis University and a master’s in business administration from the University of Notre Dame.

His Net Worth In 2022

Payton Ryan has accumulated a fortune from his brief footballing career. However, it is not known what he does for a living.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, his father, Rex Ryan’s net worth will be USD 20 million in 2022. The former head coach of the New York Jets earns a whooping annual salary of USD 4 million.

Rex signed a massive $12 million four-year contract with the Jets in 2012. After the additional year, he made some more money.

Similar to this, Rex Ryan agreed to a $5 million, 5-year contract with the Bills in 2015.

Rex started his career as an analyst after quitting his job as a football coach. He made about $2 million a year at ESPN, as was reported.

Rex made his boys invest a lot of money in real estate in addition to football. The family made headlines in 2016 when they sold their New Jersey house for about $2.6 million. According to rumors, the Ryan family has purchased a home close to Ralph Wison Stadium.

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