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Who Is The British Actor Theodore James Wife? Everything We Know About Actress Ruth Kearney – Career, Love, Relationship & Daughter

Let us briefly find out ‘Who Is the British Actor Theodore James Wife? Everything We Know About Actress Ruth Kearney’ Theo James keeps his personal life with his wife Ruth Kearney very private.

Who Is the British Actor Theodore James Wife? Everything We Know About Actress Ruth Kearney

The Irish actress stole James’ heart over a decade ago when they first met in theater school. She is known for her roles in TV shows like the British sci-fi hit Primeval, the thriller series The Following, and Netflix’s Flaked.

The couple got married in 2018 and welcomed a daughter in August 2021, although they keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

So who is Ruth Kearney? Keep reading for everything to know about Theo James’ wife.

Early Life-She Grew Up In Dublin

Who Is the British Actor Theodore James Wife

Kearney grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and while not much is known about her early life, she has posted about her Irish heritage on Instagram on numerous occasions. “Happy to be home ☘️,” she captioned a 2021 shot of her with Dublin set as the location.

Ruth Kearney Is An Actress

British Actor Theodore James Wife

Like James, Kearney is an actress. In a 2017 video interview with ISSUE Magazine, she shared that she “can’t really imagine” doing anything other than acting. “It’s a tough career, but I feel like I can’t really imagine doing anything else. It can be great fun [but also] really challenging,” she explained.

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And while her husband has had roles in major films like Divergent and shows like HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and season 2 of The White Lotus, Kearney told the Irish Mirror in 2016, she’s not interested in seeing her name in flashing lights.

“I’m not in this industry to become famous, I don’t go for jobs because they will make me well known, it’s so, hopefully, they will lead to more interesting roles,” she shared. She admitted that she also doesn’t read reviews of her work. “I’m more interested in normal people watching it and their reaction,” Kearney added.

The pair have acted together, sharing the screen during the first season of Sanditon, the Masterpiece PBS series inspired by Jane Austen’s final novel. James played one of the main characters, Sidney Parker, while Kearney played Eliza Campion, the wealthy heiress James’ character ended up marrying in the season finale.

Career: Ruth Kearney Met James In Theater School

British Actor Theodore James Wife

Kearney was enrolled at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (famous alumni include Olivia Colman and Gene Wilder) when she and James met. James joked to the Evening Standard in 2020 that their eyes first met as they “were huddled in leotards pretending to be mice.” He added, laughing, “Yeah! Being frogs. We did all that animal s—.”

Of their immediate connection, the actor said, “She’s very sanguine, thoughtful, and funny. … It made sense pretty early on.”

Marriage: Ruth Married James In 2018

Theo James and Ruth Kearney

According to InStyle, the couple exchanged vows in 2018. However, their exact wedding date is not known.

Adventure: Ruth Loves To Travel

British Actor Theodore James Wife

Though the actress admitted to the Irish Mirror in 2016 that she doesn’t “really do” social media, she is active on Instagram. Kearney has shared photos of her travels all over the world, including shots taken in ItalyIreland and New York City.

Relationship Goal: Ruth and James Keep Their Relationship Private

The couple rarely steps out publicly together or speaks about their relationship in interviews. However, James has discussed the difficulties of balancing a long-term romance with their respective acting careers.

“It’s interesting being together this long because we have navigated through the very beginnings of our careers,” he told the Evening Standard in 2020. “That can be hard at times, but also that [brings] certain strengths [to] a relationship.”

Kearney also made a rare public appearance at the N.Y.C premiere of HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Wife in 2022 to support her husband.

The couple is equally as private on social media. James does not have any personal pages, while Kearney keeps her posts of her husband few and far between. On occasion, she has shared glimpses into their romance, but the subtle shots hardly ever feature James’ full face.

Children: Ruth And James Had A Daughter In 2021

British Actor Theodore James Wife

Kearney and James welcomed their first child together, a daughter, in August 2021. While the couple has yet to share photos of their little one or reveal her name, James did speak about fatherhood during an interview with InStyle.

“It’s discombobulating at first,” he said. “Especially with your first child because your whole life changes, but ultimately it makes you — definitely for me, at least — a much more solid person.”

She And James Volunteer With The United Nations Refugee Agency

James has been a supporter of the UN Refugee Agency since 2016 — when he began publicly advocating for refugees amidst the Syrian refugee crisis. His Greek grandfather’s own escape from the Nazis during World War II inspired his activism, as he wrote in a piece for GQ.

Kearney has joined her husband’s efforts and gotten involved with the agency. In 2018, she and James attended an event for World Refugee Day along with other UNHCR supporters, including Cate Blanchett and Colin Firth. She posted a photo of the group on Instagram with the caption, “Last night I was honored to join UNHCR supporters who came together for World Refugee Day at Westminster.”

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