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Why Did Don Benjamin & Liane V Split? Love & Cheat

Exploring ‘Why Did Don Benjamin & Liane V Split? Love & Cheat’ Don Benjamin is an executive producer and actor who is married to Liane V.

Don also works as a model and got his start in the entertainment business by appearing in Missy Elliott and Danity Kane’s Bad Girl music video.

In 2014, he played Avery in the television series One Ten. Similar to this, he appeared in Ariana Grande’s 2016 smash song and music video Into You.

Don’s most recent performance was as Cameron in the motion picture North of the 10.

Why Did Liane V & Don Benjamin Split? Did Don cheat on Liane

Don Benjamin did commit adultery when he and Liane V were still dating each other.

Don Benjamin and Liane V discussed cheating and all the rumors in the Spicy Life podcast, which is hosted by relationship expert Spicy Mari.

In 2015, Don Benjamin and Liane V started dating. Before he became acquainted with Laine, Don revealed in the podcast that he first encountered her at the church and was captivated by her.

After the allegations of Don’s infidelity with Liane spread like wildfire, the pair came clean about the breakdown of their relationship.

The couple was already engaged and lived together prior to the cheating claims. When Spicy Mari in the podcast inquired about the woman Don had cheated on her with, she confessed that Don had cheated on her with a female friend.

Don frequently went out to dinner with his female buddy without telling Liane before he started cheating. Through her pals, who saw him with his companion, she found out about this.

Why Did Don Benjamin & Liane V Split? Love & Cheat
Why Did Don Benjamin & Liane V Split? Love & Cheat

When Liane noticed his apple watch, she had a strong feeling that he was cheating on her. She called him to break things up and informed him of her suspicions.

In his book, My Truth, Don acknowledged his infidelity. Don also admitted that his inherent tendency to flirt led him to cheat, not because of any particular woman, but rather out of habit.

Similarly, he was driven to cheat at that time by his fears and the circumstances surrounding him.

How Much Is Don Benjamin’s Net Worth In 2022?

In 2022, Don Benjamin’s net worth is anticipated to reach around $20 million.

He has participated in numerous projects as an actor and model. In a similar vein, he also made it to the finals of Season 20 of America’s Next Top Model.

Don has participated in a number of modeling assignments and made his acting debut in the television series One Ten.

In addition to appearing in On Deck, Benjamin has also appeared in music videos.

He has made a good living as an executive producer, actor, and model.

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An Insight Into Don Benjamin’s Married Life With Liane V Explored

Don Benjamin is married to his fiance and long-time girlfriend, Liane Valenzuela, also known as Liane V.

Don and Liane began dating each other in 2015 and engaged in 2019.

Liane is a content creator and entrepreneur. She started her career by posting content on YouTube.

The couple went through many up-downs in their relationship, and they broke up when Dom was founded cheating on Liane.

 Don and his wife Liane are expecting a baby girl.
Don and his wife Liane are expecting a baby girl. ( Source : instagram )

Although they went through many things together, the couple maintained their relationship and married in 2021.

Their love seems to have crossed every obstacle. The couples are now waiting to welcome their firstborn.

They shared this good news by revealing the baby bump photos on their Instagram feed. Similarly, they did the gender reveal at the celebration of their marriage ceremony.

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