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YouTuber arrested after going 150 mph on motorcycle: Cops

Rendon Dietzmann

Rendon Dietzmann, inset, was arrested after he allegedly posted a video on his YouTube channel Gixxer brah of him going 150 mph down Interstate 25 in Colorado on Sept. 28, 2023. (Colorado State Patrol)

A YouTuber who says he likes to “go fast” on his motorcycle sped straight into jail after he allegedly zoomed 150 mph down a Colorado highway and posted a video of his joyride.

The Colorado State Patrol issued an arrest warrant for 32-year-old Rendon Dietzmann of Texas for a slew of charges including menacing, reckless endangerment and speeding 40 or more miles over the limit. Dietzmann runs the YouTube channel “Gixxer brah” where he posts videos of himself riding motorcycles. He has over 250,000 subscribers and has posted nearly 500 videos.

On Sept. 28, Dietzmann sped down Interstate 25 between Colorado Springs and the Metro Denver area at upward of 150 mph. While that route usually takes about an hour, Dietzmann allegedly did it in 20 minutes. The video he posted to YouTube has since been taken down but troopers released a clip of Dietzmann allegedly weaving in and out of traffic. At several points during the video, Dietzman zooms in on the speedometer showing how fast he’s going.

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