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Actress Riley Keough reveals the meaning behind her daughter’s name – Tupelo Storm Smith-Petersen

Actress Riley Keough has revealed the name of her infant daughter! The actress disclosed in a Vanity Fair interview when appearing in their September edition. In August of last year, the 34-year-old actress and her husband Ben Smith-Petersen welcomed a child via surrogacy.

Actress Riley Keough reveals the meaning behind her daughter's name
Actress Riley Keough reveals the meaning behind her daughter’s name


Ben said, “I hope I can love my daughter the way you loved me, the way you loved my brother and my sisters,” when he first revealed in January that they had a daughter. I’m grateful that you gave me my heart, my courage, my humor, my manners, my temper, my wildness, and my tenacity. My sister, my brother, and I are all products of your heart, as well as our sisters and parents.



What’s Riley Keough’s baby name?

“This is Tupelo,” Riley said, and revealed the full name, ‘Tupelo Storm Smith-Petersen.’ She revealed that the first name chosen originally, is also the name of the Mississippi city Elvis was born in, a subtle reference to her rich family connection.

“It’s funny because we picked her name before the Elvis movie. I was like, ‘This is great because it’s not really a well-known word or name in relation to my family — it’s not like Memphis or something,’ ” Riley told the magazine.

She continued, “Then when the Elvis movie came out, it was like, Tupelo this and Tupelo that. I was like, ‘Oh, no,’ But it’s fine.” The young girl also has a middle name honoring Keough’s late brother ‘Storm,’ who killed himself at his Calabasas home in California at the age of 27.

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Let us throw you a Hindu wedding

Smith-Petersen who married Riley in 2015, said while honoring his mother-in-law in Graceland. Riley told Vogue Australia, in 2022, “My husband is such a good person. He’s calm and loyal and strong and sensitive. He’s my best friend.”

She added, “The families knew we were getting married and they said, ‘Let us throw you a Hindu wedding.’ It was so beautiful and, in some ways, that wedding was a little more intimate and really special. That wedding, I cried. At my bigger wedding, I was a little nervous, I wasn’t as present. But it was still equally as amazing,” reports People.

Keough recently announced that she is the sole trustee of her late mother Lisa Marie Presley’s estate. Moreover, Priscilla, 78, will continue as a special adviser and receive a monthly payment for her role within the trust 

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