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Jamon Peter Fritsch charged with murder in the disappearance of Kara Taylor

Explore Jamon Peter Fritsch An Oregon man who reported a woman missing is now accused of murdering and dismembering her. According to authorities, Jamon Peter Fristch discarded the victim’s body parts in different garbage dumps.

Jamon Peter Fritsch
Jamon Peter Fritsch

On Monday, August 7, Fritsch was taken into custody by the police in Oregon City, Oregon, on charges of second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and manslaughter of Kara Taylor. The accused killer admitted to dismembering the victim and disposing her body parts, according to prosecutors, reported Law and Crime.

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Who was Kara Taylor?

On July 25, after dark, Taylor exited a house in the 200 block of Jefferson Street. The 49-year-old Washington resident was staying in Oregon City with her friends. Fritsch reported her missing two days later.

Police said that the victim and the alleged murderer shared a residence on Jefferson Street but would not elaborate on their relationship. The victim was said to as a “phenomenal woman” who was survived by her 22-year-old daughter with special needs in a statement from Taylor’s family that was released by the Oregon City Police Department.

The statement further stated that Taylor was a “very loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone if she knew it would make a day in their life better. She was trusting and had faith in others and believed there was good in everyone.”

Expressing their gratitude to authorities for their work, Taylor’s family stated, “Her time here was shortened, but the ones that had the blessed opportunity to be part of her life will be forever grateful for the time spent with her.”

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Investigators continue to locate and recover Taylor’s remains

Police in Oregon City said in a news release on Monday that they are “diligently working to locate and recover Ms Taylor’s remains.” Prosecutors testified in court that an investigation into the case showed that after Taylor’s disappearance was reported, “but before he reported it to police, defendant made multiple trips to Home Depot to purchase zip ties, tarps, a saw blade, a black tote and contractor bags, among other things.”

Prosecutors claim that FBI officers discovered blood on a saw, in the alleged murderer’s bedroom, on the walls, in the bathroom, and in the bathtub. After Taylor went missing, suspicion fell on her disappearance, and authorities launched a criminal inquiry.

On Saturday, a search warrant was executed on other locations by the Clackamas County Major Crimes Team and Oregon City investigators who “developed evidence leading them to believe that Ms Taylor had died by homicidal violence, and an arrest warrant was issued for Mr Fritsch.”

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