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Beauty Queen Ariana Viera dies in car crash months after ‘filming’ herself for her ‘future funeral’

Beauty Queen Ariana Viera dies: A 26-year-old up-and-coming model died in a car crash in Orlando on July 13. Ariana Viera, who held the title of Miss Venezuela, was reportedly suspected to have fallen asleep while driving leading to the crash. Her mother, Vivian Ochoa, reportedly said that her daughter crashed into a vehicle in front of her after losing consciousness. Viera’s mom confirmed that her daughter was driving very tired after a series of work commitments.

Paramedics arrived swiftly at the scene and tried their best to revive Viera twice. Unfortunately, she died on the way to a hospital. What makes this event even sadder was the fact that in May, she had posted a video on Instagram with the eerie caption, “Filming myself for my future funeral because it’s always me in the videos, no one else does it.”

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Beauty Queen Ariana Viera dies - Ariana Viera posted her picture on Instagram and wrote Obsessed with the results 1 or 2? (@arianaviera/Instagram)
Beauty Queen Ariana Viera dies
Ariana Viera was an upcoming model who died in a car crash in Orlando, Florida, on July 13 (arianaviera/Instagram)


After Viera’s death, Ochoa reportedly said, “They revived her and she then had a heart attack. They revived her again, but she passed away when they were taking her to trauma care,” adding, “My girl fell asleep, she was tired.”


Who was Ariana Viera?

Viera’s death has left her loved ones devastated. Marca states that the former Miss Venezuela was planning a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, to participate in the renowned 2023 Miss Latin America beauty pageant and was eagerly anticipating her debut at a fashion show in New York City.


Her modeling career had been on a remarkable upward trajectory, and she was also running her own company, Full House Cleaning. Her father, who lives in Peru, tried his best to fly in to attend her funeral on July 16. However, he received his visa the day after the funeral took place. The model’s mother had called her ‘best friend’ and was saddened that she could not see her anymore. “Ariana was always my support, my friend,” her mother said. “She helped so many people, she would stop doing anything to help or listen to someone.”

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You were such a beautiful soul

Viera’s death has left her fans heartbroken and they took to social media to express their sadness. A person penned, “We are in complete shock. You were such a beautiful soul. Rest easy.” Another wrote, “May God give his family a lot of strength, such sad news.” “God I can’t believe it so full of life and health did not assimilate it as you can feel your I don’t even want it imagine your beautiful girl my most condolences from the bottom of my heart,” wrote a third.

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