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Has Trickywi Done A Face Reveal? Here’s What We Know About The Youtuber Content Creator

Exploring Content creator Trickywi, ‘Has Trickywi Done A Face Reveal? Here’s What We Know About The Youtuber Content Creator’ Trickywi, also known as Nephasis, has always shown her face. Here’s What We Know.

Content Creator Trickywi

She is a YouTube content producer that posts piano covers, Top 10 lists, music remixes, and updates for video games. Her writing is primarily about video games.

She started her Trickywi channel on June 14, 2012, while also working numerous retail jobs, making music cover videos, and posting Minecraft videos online.

She has worked with a number of YouTubers who post Pokemon videos, most notably Cuddleofdeath. She identifies as a Vtuber with an excitable harpy dragon.

Quick Facts About Trickywi

Real Name Nephasis
Nickname Trickywi
Age 28
Born 23 August
Twitch Handle Trickywi
Followers 169k
Net Worth $50,000

Has Trickywi Done A Face Reveal? Here’s How She Really Looks Like

Nephasis, also known as Trickywi, is an English Youtuber.

The streamer has revealed her face on Instagram under the handle, @trickywii, where she has 18.1k followers.

“This is just my human form,” her bio reads. She has a round face with dark eyes and occasionally changes her hair color.

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Talking about the face reveal Vtuber once tweeted that unlike other Vtuber she has always shown her real face.

Some Vtubers, she claims, are hesitant to show their faces. But for her, Vtubing is nothing more than a way for some people to express themselves, be creative, and have fun.

Trickywi revealed her real face in her Instagram profile
Trickywi revealed her real face in her Instagram profile ( Source : instagram )

Her Twitch streams, on the other hand, are rarely shared on Instagram.

She has been on Twitch since July 31, 2017, but her 2D modeling debut will not be until July 23, 2021. She is a Harpy Dragon from Egypt, and she is best known for her meme, gaming, and horror video reactions.

Trickywi used to be a Pokemon-focused YouTuber, but she is now a full-fledged variety streamer.

Trickywi’s Avatar Appearance

Tricky has orange-yellow eyes and pink hair that reaches her shoulders. Under her right and left eyes are twin hearts and a coiled line that looks like the Eye of Horus.

She has similar deep purple wings and dark harpy ears with feathers. She also has dark fingernails and a long, purple dragon tail that is coated in scales and feathers.

Trickywi's avatar appearance on Twitch
Trickywi’s avatar appearance on Twitch ( Source : twitter )

Bandages cover her chest, and pelvis, and wrap down her leg toward her ankle. Her other leg and one of her arms are covered in rainbow-colored tattoos with a crystalline texture.

She is wearing a choker with a pendant, and an ankh is also pierced through her belly button. She can adopt a more draconic appearance by sprouting scales on her forehead and shoulders, as well as horns on her head.

Trickywi Is A Female English Vtuber Who Real Name Is Nephasis

Trickywi is a female English Vtuber whose real name is Nephasis.

Nephasis is a mischievous harpy dragon who used to enjoy pranking others, earning her the nickname Tricky. She is a fierce competitor who will not abandon a task until she is completely satisfied with her performance.

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Her YouTube channel launched on June 14, 2012, with Pokemon-related content such as music, discussion videos, and top ten lists; game playthroughs would be added soon after.

Trickywi referred to herself as chaotic harpy dragon vtuber
Trickywi referred to herself as chaotic harpy dragon vtuber ( Source : instagram )

On July 31, 2017, she started streaming comparable material live on Twitch. Tricky thought that Vtubing would rekindle her interest because she had gotten weary of her typical content and persona.

On July 23, 2021, she made her Twitch debut, and the video of her stream was uploaded to her original Youtube account.

Trickywi’s Net Worth, How Much Money Does The Vtuber Have?

Trickywi is a Vtuber with an estimated net worth of $50,000.

Her primary source of income is her work as a professional gamer and online streaming. Twitch streamers made a large amount of money from advertisements, subscribers, donations, and bits.

Trickywi has about 169k followers and 5,013 subscribers from whom she earns at least $2.5 per month. Stream charts estimated her earnings to range between $4 407 and $13 792.

Furthermore, there is a donation trend on Twitch. Her supporters can donate anything from $5 to any amount they want. However, this is not the rule as stated by all Twitch users.

Trickywi's new design ref sheet that she developed in 2021
Trickywi’s new design ref sheet that she developed in 2021 ( Source : twitter )

Getting a Pokemon named after you is one of the extra advantages of donations.

She also receives additional income from her 468k-subscriber YouTube channel. On June 14, 2012, she started on YouTube, and as of right now, she has 68,466,688 views.

You can make $5 for every 1,000 views of your videos on YouTube, which means that a million views might bring you up to $5,000 for you.

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Using this estimate, she has 68,466,688 views as of October 2022 and a total career income of $342,333.

The following is a list of the highest-earning Twitch Streamers (The Loadout);

Critical Role $9.6 million
xQc $8.4 million
Summit1g $5.8 million
Tfue $5.2 million
NICKMERCS $5 million
Ludwig $3.2 million

Some FAQs

Has Trickywi done a face reveal?
Trickywi has revealed her real identity on Instagram under the same username.
What is Trickywi’s real name?
Trickywi’s real name is Nephasis, but you can also call her Nephy or Tricky.
What is Trickywi’s net worth?
Trickywi has an estimated net worth of $50,000 as of 2022.
How old is Trickywi?
Trickywi is apparently 28 years old.
Does Trickywi have a YouTube channel?
Trickywi has a YouTube channel with the same name.
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