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Dean Cummings Murder Trial: Killing Of Guillermo Arriola

Inside ‘Dean Cummings Murder Trial: Killing Of Guillermo Arriola’ One of the nation’s top skiers is on trial for allegedly murdering a man in a dispute. Dean Cummings shot and killed Guillermo Arriola on Feb. 29, 2020, New Mexico authorities said. You can watch it in the player above.

Dean Cummings Murder Trial: Killing Of Guillermo Arriola

Authorities say Cummings had been trying to buy some property and got into an argument with Arriola. He shot him with an AR-15-style rifle, authorities said. Cummings allegedly confessed later to his father and another man.

Cummings was is charged with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and concealing his identity.

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He called 911 claiming that Arriola had attacked him and that he shot him, according to The Albuquerque Journal. Cummings allegedly told deputies Arriola sprayed him in the face with a “burning chemical.”

Investigators said they found the victim face down in the mobile home. There was a rifle outside.

Cummings, who performed for the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team, claimed to Real Vail that he and Arriloa got into an argument over whether Arriola belonged to a (in the outlet’s words) “vast conspiracy” to destroy Cummings’ heli-skiing company. He reportedly alleged that the conspirators used nanobacteria in people’s bloodstream as a magnetic way to track digital signatures. He called it, “terrorism basically with 5G and Blue Tooth once it’s in your cells.”

“He just jumps at me and goes, ‘[expletive], I’m going to kill you,’” Cummings said. “And he has a canister in his hand and … it was some sort of deadly [expletive]. He’s like, ‘I got bodies buried on the property, [expletive], I’m gonna kill you,’ and he attacks me.”

[Screenshot via KRQE]

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