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Disgraced Priest Alex Crow penned a letter claiming Jesus told him to take the teen girl to Italy

Disgraced Priest Alex Crow’ A former Catholic priest who gained attention for leaving his post and departing for Italy with an 18-year-old girl has now become the subject of a thorough investigation by local law enforcement in Mobile, Alabama.

Who is Alex Crow? Disgraced priest penned letter claiming Jesus told him to take teen girl to Italy
Disgraced Priest Alex Crow

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is delving into the complexities of the case, unveiling a web of letters, emotions, and theological expressions that has captured public interest.

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Who is Alex Crow?

The Archdiocese of Mobile formally defrocked Alex Crow, 30, in July. Crow, who was ordained in June 2021, abruptly left his priestly responsibilities, leading to an inquiry into his motives.


(Archdiocese of Mobile)
Alex Crow, 30, was officially defrocked in July by the Archdiocese of Mobile (Archdiocese of Mobile)


In a statement released by the Archdiocese of Mobile, it was declared that Crow had abandoned his priestly assignment, leading to his defrocking. 

“Fr Alex Crow abandoned his assignment in the Archdiocese,” the statement, obtained by AL.com, reads. “His behavior is totally unbecoming of a priest. He has been informed by the archbishop that he may no longer exercise ministry as a priest, nor to tell people he is a priest, nor to dress as a priest.”

Crow’s departure took an even more dramatic turn as the Archdiocese reported the circumstances of his defrocking to the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office. The exact nature of these circumstances has not been fully disclosed, but they have added to the public interest surrounding the case.

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Alex Crow’s letters

New developments have emerged with the release of letters allegedly penned by Crow, shedding light on his relationship with the young woman.

In one of these letters, addressed to the recent graduate from McGill-Toolen High School, Crow expressed his love and affection in theological terms.

He wrote, “You have made my life both astronomically more complicated and incredibly better at the same time. You are his gift to me.”

The letter detailed a sense of profound connection and protection, echoing a fatherly sentiment.

Crow continued, “Before we fell in love, I promised to always care for you and protect you, like a father. I still look at you and see a child, but in the best way imaginable. You are mine — no one else’s, and I will always be a father to you until I die.”


Sheriff Paul Burch revealed that this letter, sent on Valentine’s Day, was composed when the girl was a 17-year-old senior at the Catholic high school. The letter hinted at a deeper relationship, suggesting that the two had engaged in some form of marriage ceremony.

Crow allegedly wrote, “Now, we are in love and we are married! I’ve never been in love before (and I’ve never been married, obviously!), and I’ve never felt any of the feelings I have for you for anyone ever in my entire life.”


Alex Crow’s rationale for leaving post

The complexities continued to unfold in a second letter, this one addressed to an individual named “Joshua.” In this letter, Crow indicated that he believed Jesus wanted him to leave, and he was complying with this directive.

He stated, “It is hard to suddenly leave everything behind, but this is what He is demanding, and I cannot deny Him.”

The second letter indicated that the young woman was also involved in this decision to leave.

Crow wrote, “[Redacted] has been told to come with me. We know how this looks, but we are doing what we are told. Do not worry about defending us. This is hard for her too, but she knows she will always be safe if she does Jesus’ Will.”

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office on Monday released this letter written by defrocked Mobile priest Alex Crow.
Alex Crow’s letter to an individual named Joshua (Mobile County Sheriff’s Office)


Despite initial indications that Crow and the young woman were found in Italy staying in separate bedrooms, and with no apparent grounds for criminal charges, the nature the investigation has changed. The sheriff’s office is now re-evaluating the case, spurred by the emergence of the letters.

As the investigation deepens, the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office is closely collaborating with the sheriff’s office to ensure the integrity of the case, according to Law&Crime.

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