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Is Pen Farthing in Tashkent Yet? Founder Of Nowzad Dogs Charity- Where Is Pen Farthing Today?

‘Is Pen Farthing in Tashkent Yet? Founder Of Nowzad Dogs Charity- Where Is Pen Farthing Today?’ Former Royal Marines commando Pen Farthing is the brainchild of the Nowzad Dogs charity in the UK.

The former commando made the decision to remain in Kabul when it fell in August 2021 until his Afghan employees’ and their families’ permission to leave had been obtained. To charter a flight to evacuate his staff, their families, and the animals in the charity’s sanctuary, more than £200,000 was contributed by well-wishers.

On August 27, the British Armed Forces assisted Pen in getting to the airport with his animals.

Farthing departed Afghanistan with them on August 28 as the lone passenger on a private jet equipped to evacuate another person after the British government rejected his offer to deport other individuals using those vacant seats.

Is Pen Farthing in Tashkent Yet? Where Is Pen Farthing Today?

Pen Farthing recently posted a photo of himself on Instagram and announced that he will be stepping away from social media for a while.

He said that he has come to the realization that using social media is probably half the issue and that taking a vacation won’t hurt him.

Paul Farthing was born in Essex, England.
Paul Farthing was born in Essex, England. ( Source: instagram )

The former commando hasn’t provided any additional information regarding his future plans. He arrived at the airport carrying his rescue animals while he was in Kabul in 2021.

On August 28, it is reported that the private aircraft used for the evacuation mission touched down in Kabul.

He told The Sun that it was just too depressing to leave them behind and that there were “lots of tears” as he walked away from them.

Farthing planned to fly to Tashkent before traveling to the UK to quarantine his animals until Christmas.

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Pen Farthing Net Worth: How Rich Is He In 2022?

Based on his business expenses, Pen Farthing’s net worth is probably in the range of $500,000 or even higher.

He is the founder of Nowzad Dogs, a British-based animal welfare organization. For the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2021, Nowzad Dogs reported that their total revenue was £838,078 and their total expenses were £727,913.

Pen’s main source of income comes from the charitable trust, which is funded by fundraising and contributions.

An ex-commando is a modest man who wants to use the money he has so far made to live a respectable life.

He was nominated for RSPCA Animal Hero Awards and CNN named him “CNN Hero of 2014.”

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 Pen Farthing’s Family Explored

In 1969, Paul Farthing was born in Essex, England, to his parents. By the end of the year, he will be 53.

Farthing is of Caucasian ancestry, just like his parents, and seems to be a Christian. It appears that both of his parents are British nationals.

They are also thrilled to see their son engaging in such admirable philanthropic endeavors.

Farthing seems to have had a happy childhood and comes from a wealthy household.

He seems to find encouragement from his family, who have always prayed and pushed him to live a decent life.

He is very kind and humble because of his parents, who raised him.

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Meet Pen Farthing’s Wife & Children

Kaisa Markhus and Pen Farthing have been together happily ever after.

Ascend Athletics, a group that encouraged Afghan females to participate in athletics, had Kaisa as its country director.

Paul Farthing is married to Kaisa Markhus.
Is Pen Farthing in Tashkent Yet?
Paul Farthing is married to Kaisa Markhus. ( Source: instagram )

She has also participated in the Nowzad Dogs charity and has assisted her husband in his work to the best of her ability. She was born and raised in Norway by her parents.

The couple enjoys traveling together and even posts pictures of themselves on social media. She has over 2500 Instagram followers as @kaisahelene, but her account is currently set to private mode.

The couple’s plans to start a family have not been revealed, but it appears that they have adopted Nowzad Dogs as their home and treated the dogs as members of their family, which is quite kind of them.

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