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Who Is Sheri Easterling Dating Now? Boyfriend Yung Gravy 2022

‘Who Is Sheri Easterling Dating Now? Boyfriend Yung Gravy 2022’ Popular American social media personality Sheri Easterling is well-known for being a celebrity mother, a fashion expert, and for sharing funny videos on TikTok. She is the mother of Addison Easterling, also known as Addison Rae, who is a well-known TikTok user.

Sheri currently has over 14.2 million TikTok followers under the username @sherinicolee, over 1.1 million followers on Instagram under the same username, and 337.1k followers on Twitter.

She first made an appearance in her daughter’s TikTok videos, who is a well-known TikTok celebrity. After Sheri started to appear in Addison’s clips, fans want to see more of her. Her audience was drawn in by her charm and attractiveness as well.

Easterling launched her TikTok account to amuse the audience and went on to become a fashion sensation. She also frequently featured her child and ex-husband in her lip-sync and comedy videos on TikTok, which contributed to the growth of her fan base there.

Her Instagram postings from her holidays have helped to expand her already vast fan base.

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Who Is Sheri Easterling Dating Now? Boyfriend Yung Gravy 2022

Who Is the Boyfriend of Sheri Easterling? Date For Yung Gravy At The 2022 VMAs

After publicly kissing on the red carpet, Yung Gravy, a singer, and Addison Rae’s mother Sheri Easterling made headlines at the 2022 MTV VMAs on Sunday. The crowd and followers began speculating on social media that the rapper, 26, and the social media influencer, 42, were suddenly “dating” after the rapper brought the influencer along as his date to the award presentation.

I’m into older women, the musician boasted to reporters even during the occasion. Since breaking off her long-term relationship with Monty Lopez, Sherri has been in her first new relationship.

Yung Gravy Kisses Addison Rae's Mom Sheri Easterling at the VMAs
Yung Gravy Kisses Addison Rae’s Mom Sheri Easterling at the VMAs ( Source: xxlmag )

We met online and clicked immediately away, Gravy noted in a red carpet interview. You know, I’m from the furthest north, and she’s from the furthest south.

Because I am into MILFs and she is effectively the queen of MILFs, I thought it was the perfect fit. Earlier this summer, Renee Ash, 25, alleged that Monty, 46, had a five-month adulterous relationship with her while he was still married to Sheri.

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What Is The Age Gap Between Sheri Easterling & Yung Gravy

Social media influencer Sheri Easterling was born on September 4, 1979, in Louisiana, America, making her 46 years old at the moment. Yung Gravy, her purported boyfriend, was born on March 19, 1996, in Rochester, Minnesota.

Yung graduated from Mayo High School in 2014, the year of his graduation. He earned a marketing degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, in December 2017.

The rapper began rapping for fun while still a college student, and after being inspired by Lil Yachty and Lil Peep’s success, he started his career on SoundCloud. In 2016, he made a commitment to making music, quitting his job and devoting months to recording songs on his own.

Who Is Sheri Easterling Dating Now? Boyfriend Yung Gravy 2022

Similar to Sheri, Addison Easterling’s TikTok account was how Sheri first entered the world of social media. She has made multiple appearances in her daughter’s videos. Because of Sheri’s personality and abilities, her daughter’s followers yearned for more of her.

Easterling began to show up in Addison’s videos more frequently, which increased Addison’s TikTok following. Sheri then made the decision to launch her TikTok account.

She created a TikTok account in August 2019 with the comment “Thank you, I designed it” for her first video. It featured Addison and Tierra Whack’s Hungry Hippo. For her first video, Sheri garnered more than a million likes on TikTok.

In addition to “hello y’all,” which incorporates Dua Lipa’s song “Don’t Start Now,” her other most famous TikTok videos include “When u want Chick-fil-A but remember it’s Sunday,” He wants to be in every video, “he wants to be in every video,” “I can’t believe I did it,” “I just want an A for effort,” and many other phrases may be found among them. My husband told me to clean today, so I mopped.

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Sheri Easterling Dating Life & Relationship After Separation With Ex.Husband Monty Lopez

Another well-known TikTok performer, Monty Lopez, was married to Sheri Easterling. Monty was frequently featured in the influencer’s TikTok videos, and he even made a cameo in some of his. They have two boys, Lucas and Enzo, as well as Addison, a social media sensation.

But after Monty cheated on her wife with another influencer, Renee Ash, the couple called it quits. The news was all over Addison’s father when he was charged with cheating.

Influencer Renee revealed details of her illicit relationship with Monty Lopez in an exclusive interview with Page Six, which only made the issue worse.

Easterling sent a message about the most recent family issue on her Instagram story at roughly the same time. She assured her followers in her Instagram story that everything will be fine and that caring for her kids was her current top priority.

She continued by saying that they had previously visited France and hoped to visit Ibiza and start a family. In the interview, Ash, 25, asserted that she had been duped into believing she was close with Monty Lopez. However, Lopez’s infidelity and pregnancy scare caused things to start to go wrong.

A few weeks later, the mother of two, 42, stopped following Monty Lopez on Instagram and changed her bio to read “Wife.”

There haven’t been any reports or rumors about them beginning a new relationship after their divorce. However, Sheri is supposedly dating musician Yung Gravy after watching them have a public kiss on the red carpet of the MTV VMAs.

According to The Daily Mail, this is her first relationship after the separation from Monty.

Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, gained notoriety in August 2022 when he declared he wanted to fight rapper Yung Gravy because Gravy had emotions for Sheri Easterling, Lopez’s ex-wife and Rae’s mother.

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