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Is WWE Professional Wrestler Jeff Hardy In Jail? Violating License Restrictions, And Felony

Let’s find out ‘Is WWE Professional Wrestler Jeff Hardy In Jail?’ Jeff Hardy, a former wrestler for WWE, maybe in jail after committing many crimes.

Jeffrey Nero Hardy, better known as Jeff Hardy, is an American professional wrestler and musician.

Jeff is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He has also performed in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and TNA (Total Nonstop Action).

He is considered one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time and is hailed for his daring highflyers and other risky moves throughout his career. 

With his brother Matt Hardy, the duo is collectively called the Hardy Boyz, and their tag team is one of the best of all time, with 21 championships between WWE, ROH, TNA, and other promotions.

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Is WWE Professional Wrestler Jeff Hardy In Jail?

Jeff Hardy Jail? Arrest And Charges

No, Jeff Hardy is not in jail. However, he is reportedly in rehab and suspended from AEW. Wrestling Headlines reports that he could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted. 

On June 13, 2022, Florida Highway Patrol officers arrested Jeff for driving with a suspended license, violating license restrictions, and felony DUI.

Is WWE Professional Wrestler Jeff Hardy In Jail
Former WWE wrestler arrested in Florida on DUI charge. (Source: Fox 35 Orlando)

The officers reported that when they approached Jeff, he appeared confused, belligerent, and smelled of alcohol. The test showed his blood alcohol level of 0.291, well above the legal limit of 0.08.

AEW President Tony Khan made a press release on June 14, announcing that Jeff was indefinitely suspended without pay. He added that AEW would only invite him back on the condition of completion of alcohol rehabilitation treatment and sobriety.

His scheduled appearance at Triplemanía XXX on June 18, where the Hardy brothers would face Dragon Lee and Dralístico, was canceled, and Johnny Elite replaced him.

Jeff is no stranger to legal troubles. He was arrested on September 11, 2009, on charges of drug trafficking and possessing anabolic steroids. Authorities found the substances after searching his House.

Consequently, he was sentenced to ten days in jail, 30 months probation, and a $100,000 fine. He served his prison sentence from October 3 to October 13, 2011.

In July 2019, Jeff was arrested in Myrtle Beach, S.C., for public intoxication. Again, in October 2019, he was arrested and charged with driving while impaired in Moore County, N.C.

Learn More About Jeff Hardy Family

Jeffrey Nero Hardy was born to his parents, Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy. His mother, Ruby, died of brain Cancer when he was nine.

He was born and raised in Cameron, North Carolina, U.S., with his elder brother Matt Hardy, an equally famous professional wrestler. Jeff is 45 years old, whereas Matt is 48.

Jeff was interested in music, painting, motocross, baseball, and American football as a young kid. Later, he briefly competed in amateur wrestling during high school. 

When asked to choose between football and pro wrestling, he chose the latter, and the rest is history. 

In addition to being a wrestler, Jeff is a musician and a member of the rock band PeroxWhy?Gen. He tours with the group, and they have released three studio albums and four extended plays.

In 2003, the Hardy brothers wrote an autobiographical book of memoirs called The Hardy Boyz, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

Is WWE Professional Wrestler Jeff Hardy In Jail
Jeff Hardy family matt hardy
The iconic duo of Jeff and Matt Hardy. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Jeff Hardy married his girlfriend of over a decade, Beth Britt, on March 9, 2011. The couple met in 1999 at a club in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

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In October 2010, Britt gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Ruby Claire Hardy. After their marriage, the couple had a second daughter named Nera Quinn Hardy in December 2015.

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