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Meet Toby Gutteridge Wife: What Happened To Never Will I Die Author’s Neck? Injury Explored

Let’s take a quick look at the wife of the Author ‘Meet Toby Gutteridge Wife: What Happened To Never Will I Die Author’s Neck? Injury Explored’ A 35-year-old former member of the British Special Forces, Toby Gutteridge (S.B.S). In addition, he enjoys surfing, extreme sports, and riding motocross. He currently has a wonderful fiance named Savannah.

Bravery, a brand for extreme sports that supports charities and organizations for disadvantaged children and recently released service personnel, was formed by a former member of the Special Forces.

His purpose is to inspire and uplift those who have looked inside themselves for the bravery, fortitude, and tenacity to face their obstacles so that they may emerge from them more strong than before rather than giving up in hopelessness, according to the official website of Bravery.

Meet Toby Gutteridge Wife: Who Is Toby Gutteridge Wife?

With Savannah, his future bride, Toby Gutteridge has already discovered the love of his life.

She first met the gallant soldier in 2017, and he proposed to her in November, five years later. Savannah and he got engaged in Dubai during his last year on the mission.

They just got back from a trip to Portugal. However, the former Special Forces soldier believes that travel is challenging. They were spotted having fun in Cape Town in 2019 as well.

Meet Toby Gutteridge Wife: What Happened To Never Will I Die Author's Neck? Injury Explored
Toby Gutteridge is engaged to his fiancé Savannah ( Source : telegraph )

Being paralyzed in a relationship, in Gutteridge’s opinion, is a serious problem. It raises the issue of how to manage it in a typical relationship and learn to live with it. It wouldn’t be fair to describe the connection as “normal.”

He claims, “No matter how we see things, how we all view the difficulties, or how we manage to get by, there are so many scenarios that we must learn to handle. For instance, we’ve spoken a lot about having kids, but none of us has ever said we want to have any.”

Never Will I Die Author, Toby Gutteridge Wikipedia Bio & Age Explored

With his British parents, an older brother, and two younger sisters, Toby Gutteridge was born and raised in South Africa.

Due to their conflicts, his mother and father were divorced. After the divorce, Gutteridge’s mother brought him and his siblings back to the UK when he was 12 years old, choosing a home in Bournemouth. As a result, the author had a difficult upbringing.

Early on, he realized how simple it is for kids to join gangs, use drugs, and engage in criminal activity. The former soldier has always had a strong desire to improve both the planet and people’s lives. He was motivated to join the British Royal Marines by these essential ideals.

Meet Toby Gutteridge Wife: What Happened To Never Will I Die Author's Neck? Injury Explored
Toby Gutteridge has a brave story to tell ( Source: dirthub )

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Toby recently earned a First Class honors Degree in Business Studies and currently resides in Southern England.

At the age of 37, Gutteridge is still lovely and has thick hair put back into a ponytail. She also has bright blue eyes. He has a tattoo of a lion and the phrase Never Will I Die on the left side of his chest, which are visible through his T-shirt.

Details Of What Happened To Toby Gutteridge Neck

In 2009, Toby Gutteridge was on duty in Afghanistan when he was wounded in the neck, instantly becoming paralyzed from the neck down.

When he spoke with hosts Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes on ITV to promote his new book, Never Will I Die, he recently shared his courageous yet terrible narrative.

Toby was one of the best soldiers in the world when he joined the Special Forces at the youngest age ever after growing up in a difficult environment.

Toby now runs Bravery, an extreme sports organization that encourages those who have conquered difficulties, despite being quadriplegic. Despite not breathing for 20 minutes and doctors’ advice to turn off his life support, Toby survived the gunshot.

Although Gutteridge couldn’t remember the encounter, he could remember getting ready for the night trip, he told Vernon and Rochelle.

Toby explained why his fellow soldiers felt he was dead: “They had seen enough fatalities to know that mine was instantaneous, and normally, if there is no screaming or shouting, it usually means that it’s fairly terrible.

The soldier dropped to the ground, and the only way to tell if someone was still alive was if they were shouting or screaming.
“I had to find new purpose and passion in my life, and my life story is just wild, and I hope this book will assist many people,” the former member of the special forces said when discussing how he dealt with life after the shooting.

The author felt that he had lost his identity and had to use his intelligence to determine what he could achieve now. Toby initially thought he had been jailed when he woke up, but he later said he had only gone back to his original settings.

Gutteridge decides to take on his issues head-on because he thinks life is too short. He is also adamant that nothing will be able to pull him down.

Toby hopes that his determination to succeed will show everyone that any obstacle can be conquered with the right mindset. Everyone should therefore pursue their goals. These beliefs inspired the company’s motto, “Always Follow Your Heart.”



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