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Nicole Wobbeking faces homicide charges after Sheila Wobbeking dies when she shoves her downstairs

Nicole Wobbeking faces homicide charges’ A week after being shoved downstairs and hit with an unopened can of pasta sauce by her daughter, a seven-grandmother from Minnesota reportedly passed away. Just a few days after her 49-year-old daughter Nicole Wobbeking was arrested on assault charges associated with the incident on June 27, Sheila Wobbeking, 78, was discovered dead in her own home on July 5.

On August 1, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner determined that Sheila’s death was caused by the injuries she suffered after being assaulted by Nicole. Officials noted that the violent confrontation occurred when Sheila came over to Nicole’s home in the 11900 block of 71st Avenue in Maple Grove. Court documents revealed that the residence was owned by the mother and Nicole was just the tenant. Sheila told police that she’d gone to the home to talk about overdue rent as well as several other issues that the neighbours had brought to her notice. When she arrived at the house, her daughter did not answer her directly. So she went inside and continued calling for her daughter.

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How did Sheila Wobbeking die?

After a while, Nicole came out of her room and started yelling obscenities at her mother before slapping her in the face. As things got worsened, she allegedly pushed her mother down several stairs according to court documents, obtained by KSTP TV. Then, she hit her mother in the ribs and hips with an unopened can of pasta sauce. After the assault, Sheila was able to get outside and wait for the police with her granddaughter. She was immediately rushed to the local hospital, where she received treatment for a broken ankle. However, the medical examiner’s office recently determined that the broken bone resulted in pulmonary thromboembolism, which led to Sheila’s death.

Who is Nicole Wobbeking?

Nicole Wobbeking faces homicide charges
Nicole Wobbeking faces homicide charges

Not much is known about Nicole but officials recently revealed that she was arrested on June 29 on charges of fifth-degree assault. However, those charges were then upgraded to felony third-degree assault after authorities learned about Sheila’s broken ankle. Now, Maple Grove police say they’ve submitted the new information to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, asking for charges related to homicide against Nicole. As of Tuesday afternoon, the decision was still up for debate, but Nicole remains in police custody in the Hennepin County jail. She already faces up to five years in jail for the third-degree assault charge and could face more time if the charges are upgraded and she’s convicted.

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She was so giving to others

Sheila was referred to in her obituary as “a beautiful soul who will always be remembered for her dry wit, unconditional love, and unwavering support to her family and friends.” She was described in her obituary as being “very generous to others, even to people she didn’t know” and “was an active volunteer for her community and church, with Sharing and Caring Hands and Meals on Wheels being her special favorites. She cherished her dog, Sasha, and enjoyed traveling, reading, baking (we could always count on a tray of cookies at Christmas), and cooking. Her granddaughter, Olivia Wobbeking, also wrote in the obituary that “Before she passed, a Cardinal was by her front window. She would always say it was Zack (her grandson who passed away in 2008) saying hello. Once she passed on, the cardinal began singing for the first time since it visited us.”

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