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Paige Desorbo Wikipedia Bio & Age – 5 Facts About The Actress

Exploring ‘Paige Desorbo Wikipedia Bio & Age – 5 Facts About The Actress’ According to Paige Desorbo’s Wikipedia page, she is a Summer House cast member. She looks content to be dating Craig long distance, but since this is their extended holiday, their love is put to the ultimate test.

The housemates are back to their usual routine, working hard in New York City during the week and partying hard with tragic love triangles and other tragedies on the weekends in the East.

Ten people in their twenties and thirties who work in Manhattan and spend their summer weekends in the Hamptons are the subjects of the reality series “Summer House.”

Even though the show shows glimpses into their working lives, the summer residence is where most of the action takes place. These are individuals that just care about the weekend.

Paige joined the cast of Summer House after season two, but she is already establishing herself as one of the big names in the show.

Quick Facts To Know

Name Paige DeSorbo
Age 29
Height 5 feet 6 inch
Profession Reality TV Star
Net Worth estimated $5 million

Paige Desorbo Wikipedia Bio

According to Wikipedia, Paige DeSorbo joined the Summer House cast after the second season and has become an important program element.

DeSorbo was among the Summer House cast members who would return for the show’s sixth season, which pleased many fans.

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Paige DeSorbo is a “reality” star as well as having a day job. According to Life and Style Magazine, DeSorbo has a wide range of day jobs.

Paige Desorbo Wikipedia
Paige Knows A Lot Of Thing About Fashion
Paige Knows A Lot Of Thing About Fashion ( Source: romper )

Because of DeSorbo’s “reality” TV show, some people may have assumed she doesn’t have a day job, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Desorbo’s LinkedIn page states she is the “Executive Assistant to the Vice President at ABC Television Lincoln Square Production.” DeSorbo is also “a fashion writer for the NYC-based media and entertainment business, Betches Media.” DeSorbo broke new ground in her profession in 2022 when she created a clothing collection in collaboration with Amazon.

Age And Height: How Old Is She?

Paige Desorbo is currently 29 years of age; she will turn 30 in November. Desorbo stands tall at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. 

Paige has revealed so much of her life on Summer House, from her friendships and relationships to her well-planned outfits. In her spare time, DeSorbo works as an influencer and podcaster, sharing herself and her thoughts with others.

Paige Desorbo Wikipedia
Paige Wearing Her Self-Designed Clothes
Paige Wearing Her Self-Designed Clothes ( Source : instagram )

Her mother had long, bright red nails while she was growing up in the early 1990s. She remembers as a young girl watching her mother get ready for a Saturday night meal out.

Her mother did the same, matching her red nails with red lipstick. DeSorbo, a television star, once aspired to emulate her mother.

5 Facts About The Actress Paige Desorbo

Paige Desorbo Parents Are Her Biggest Supporters

She was raised by her parents, Gary and Kimberly Desorbo, in her hometown of Loudonville. Paige always gives credit to her parents for her success.

From age 5 to 18, her parents drove her to modeling auditions and offered to pay her wages until she could afford them.

Paige Desorbo Net Worth Is Decent

As of 2022, Paige’s net worth is anticipated to be between $4 and $5 million. The majority of Desorbo’s money has come from her work as an actress, her clothing brand, and her social media presence.

Since Paige’s clothing line has started to expand, her value is anticipated to rise even further.

She Is Terrified to Live with Craig

Although Craig claimed he was “excited” to spend the vacation with her, Paige had mixed thoughts about spending 17 days with the Southern Charm-er.

Paige Desorbo Wikipedia
Paige With Her Boyfriend Craig
Paige With Her Boyfriend Craig ( Source: bravotv )

She stated that she is not used to living with boyfriends, but Craig is thrilled to spend two weeks with her.

Paige Is Also An Instagram Star

With over 800k followers on Instagram, Paige posts stunning pictures of herself in her profile. She is most of the time active, with over 500 posts uploaded.

Desorbo has a verified account and uses her profile to promote her products and post gorgeous pictures of herself. You can follow Paige under the username @paige_desorbo.

She Knows A Lot About Fashion

Paige DeSorbo of Summer House understands how to get the look for less. She is well-known for her money-saving tips.

Paige posts a lot about fashion on her Instagram profile, so if you’re looking for another fashion blogger to follow, check out Paige’s feed.

Some FAQs

When Did Paige DeSorbo Join Summer House?
Paige DeSorbo joined the Summer House cast after the second season and has since become an important element of the program.
Who are Paige Desorbo’s parents?
Paige Desorbo was born to her parents, Gary and Kimberly Desorbo, in Loudonville. Her parents are her greatest supporters.
How much is the Net Worth Of Paige Desorbo?
Her estimated net worth of Paige has around $4–5 million. She must have collected a decent worth from her career.
How Old And Tall IS Paige DeSorbo?
Paige Desorbo is currently 29 years of age; she will turn 30 in November. Desorbo stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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