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Suspect Joseph Castorena Wanted For Alleged Murder Of Quadruple Homicide

Inside ‘Suspect Joseph Castorena Wanted For Alleged Murder Of Quadruple Homicide’ Police is searching for a guy who is suspected of killing four people at a Colorado residence. The culprit was recognized by police as 21-year-old Joseph Castorena.

“Suspect is armed and dangerous,” they wrote Sunday morning. “Call 911 if you see him or know where he is.”


Suspect Joseph Castorena Wanted For Alleged Murder Of Quadruple Homicide


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Aurora Interim Police Chief Daniel Oates told reporters in a press conference on Sunday that officers got a call of suspicious activity a little after 2 a.m. for that home on North Geneva Street. He identified the caller as an adult woman, who was Castorena’s domestic partner. The chief noted that Castorena was subjected to a newly filed restraining order, which prohibited him from approaching that domestic partner and the North Geneva home. The 21-year-old “has a history involving domestic violence,” Oates said.

The suspect, however, allegedly broke that restraining order through his actions on Sunday. Oates said that the 911 call-taker heard shots being fired and upgraded the call to an urgent response. When police arrived, they found one woman (not the domestic partner) and three men dead. One of the victims was outside the residence, and the other three were inside. The domestic partner and two very young children were physically unharmed, Oates said.

Authorities otherwise did not identify the victims.

Officers said Sunday that they completed their search of the neighborhood, but Castorena remained at a large. He did not turn up when officers searched his family’s nearby home.

“We have to assume he is armed,” the chief said. “And we are very concerned and want to do everything we can to find him and take him into custody as soon as possible.”

Officers describe Castorena as having a slim build. He stands five feet and four inches.

“Unknown what he is wearing today. Note the Lion tattoo on his neck,” they said, referencing his mugshot from a prior arrest.

[Mugshot via Aurora Police Department]

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