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Who Was Cormac Roth Girlfriend? Facts To Know

Let’s find out ‘Who Was Cormac Roth Girlfriend’ In his final days, Cormac Roth had kept his girlfriend a secret. On October 16, the kid of British actor Tim Roth tragically passed away.

Cormac had been fighting Cancer choriocarcinoma since last November and had lost 60 lb weight with half of his hearing. In his last post, he wrote about how anyone can’t choose their destiny and future.

Who Was Cormac Roth Girlfriend

Cormac Roth Girlfriend: Who Was He Dating?

Corman Roth had not revealed his girlfriend and his dating life lately. However, he posted a photograph with @tuchink back in 2017, mentioning her as his loved one.

Who Was Cormac Roth Girlfriend
Cormac Roth with his rumored girlfriend @tuchink (Source: Instagram)

However, the Instagram handle with thirteen hundred followers and twelve posts in a private account. Both of them could not clear the details regarding their relationship being smooth or breaking up in the last few days.

Roth was a guitarist and composer diagnosed with rare Cancer in November last year. According to the sources, he was battling stage three germ cell Cancer.

His family made his death announcement through a statement on Monday afternoon. 

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Meet Cormac Roth Siblings 

The son of Tim Roth, Cormac Roth had three siblings. They were brothers Jack Roth, Cormac Roth, and Timothy Hunter Roth. 

Who Was Cormac Roth Girlfriend
Cormac Roth Siblings
Cormac Roth with his parents and brother Timothy at an early age (Source:My News)

Jack Roth was Cormac’s step-brother and the oldest among the three. He was born to Tim and Lori on September 1, 1984. 

Jack, like Father, is an actor most known for playing Max in “Bedlam” on Sky Living’s second season (2012). However, he did not attend drama school; instead, he learned acting from his environment.

Jack had left a good imprint among The Broadway Theatre, Catford’s judges, during his audition in 2006.

Timothy is the middle child of Tim and the eldest from his second wife, Nikki Buttler. Born in 1995, Hunter is currently twenty-seven.

The brothers are probably in pain after losing their youngest brother. As said in Guardian, Cormac is survived by his parents, Tim Roth and Nikki Butler, and brother, Hunter Roth.

He was positive throughout his Cancer-fighting journey and told how life is shot and chaos. Adding to it, he said, “And you never know when it’s going to be you. Be well and go to the doctor. F**k Cancer.”

Roth’s family, with heavy hearts, has told to take him wherever they go.

How Much Was Cormac Roth Net Worth 2022?

Cromac Roth was a rising musician whose exact net worth was not displayed to the public. However, according to ABC NTG, his father has a net worth of $8 million.

Who Was Cormac Roth Girlfriend
Cormac Roth Net Worth
Cormac Roth enjoying his musical journey (Source: Instagram)

Cormac’s father started his acting career in the 1980s and was among the group of prominent actors of the era, the “Brit Pack.”

Cormac himself released the album “Python” in 2018. Likewise, he assisted in the music for Michel Franco’s 2020 film New Order.

Likewise, he was also used to releasing music on SoundCloud. According to his family, he had a great passion and love for making music, and his guitar was bigger than his.

He was doing something he loved the most. He is an irreplaceable musician, and the world will remember him as an “electric ball of energy” as kind as he was a child.

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