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Why Did Jeffree Star Breakup With Boyfriend? Info On Andre Marhold Relationship Timeline

A brief gist ‘Why Did Jeffree Star Breakup With Boyfriend? Info On Andre Marhold Relationship Timeline’ A Tiktok video that Jeffree shared with her ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold shows the two of them strolling through Jeffree’s yak farm.

Additionally, the caption Apology obtained appears on the video’s text overlay when her boyfriend rushes to Wyoming to apologize and meet her yaks.

Following the multiple videos from a Houston rodeo that were released on TikTok and showed Jeffree and Andre together, there have been suggestions that the couple may be reconciling despite their troubled past.

Since then, she has used Instagram stories to share how much fun she had with Tiktok. But the celebrity wants to say it before 10,000 false rumors are spread about it. Putting jokes aside, she believes that moving on, finding healing, and making amends with individuals from your past is crucial.

She, therefore, spent time with an old buddy. Although they had a good weekend, Jeffree is still largely single.

Why Did Jeffree Star Breakup With Boyfriend? Relationship Timeline

Nearly eight months after disclosing his break-up with his previous long-term love, Nathan Schwandt, YouTuber Jeffree Star and beauty tycoon has a new reported boyfriend.

The first time Andre Marhold—a professional basketball player—was seen on Jeffree’s Instagram was in August when a photo of him sitting on his lap with his face hidden was posted.

Online detectives were able to match the tattoos on Marhold’s arms. He currently competes for a German team as a small forward in Europe.

Pictures of Marhold were shared on social media when The Shade Room, a well-known Instagram celebrity gossip website, published them.

The celebrity frequently posts images of him with Marhold that reveal his face. Marhold’s identity and relationship status have not been officially confirmed by Andre, who kept his Instagram account private.

But he frequently tweeted about the relationship’s detractors and even implied that legal action might be underway.

Many people’s heads were pricked when the celebrity shared a photo of herself sitting on Marhold’s knee on August 22; nevertheless, it took some time for people to recall the faceless person.

Why Did Jeffree Star Breakup With Boyfriend? Info On Andre Marhold Relationship Timeline
Why Did Jeffree Star Breakup With Boyfriend? Info On Andre Marhold Relationship Timeline
(Image Source: seventeen )

Although the celebrity has not revealed Marhold’s name, by revealing the tattoos, he provided his audience with a straight path to meeting his purported boyfriend.

The ink that best matched Marhold’s Instagram photos was a specific basketball on his right bicep.

A video and other images taken from Marhold’s Instagram and other sources were originally published by a celebrity conversation page on Instagram with more than 20 million followers.

They omitted his name but stated that he was an overseas professional basketball player, which was sufficient to cause Marhold’s name to go viral on social media.

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Why Did Jeffree Star And Andre Marhold Break?

The breakup between Jeffree and Andre Marhold. Things between them became complicated.

After splitting from Nathan Schwandt in January after five years of dating, Star made her public debut with boyfriend Andre in August.

Though he had to refute claims that he had paid Andre to be his lover and combat suspicions that he was still involved with the mother of his youth when they had first started dating, it wasn’t all roses.

The brief relationship ended after Andre was treated like the newest Gucci handbag. The celebrity has charged him with stealing various high-end items from his house.

Andre on Instagram wrote: “hello!” in response to the previously deleted comment. You can’t answer the phone right now, so can you return all that you stole from my home?

Jeffree elaborated about getting robbed by Andre on Instagram Stories. He said:
 (Image Source: pagesix )

She also went into detail on Instagram Stories about being robbed by Andre. “So he has been hanging out with someone,” he added. “Just two responsible adults consoling and sustaining non-serious sex.

But it’s okay since he was portrayed as being quite different from this individual. Jeffree Lynn discovered a lot of information about a week ago. This person was 30 years older than they claimed and had no work, no money, and not even a bank account.



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