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Veteran Politician Yona Kanyomozi Dies @ 82 Years- Death Cause, Wiki Bio Details

Let us explore ‘Veteran Politician Yona Kanyomozi Dies @ 82 Years- Death Cause, Wiki Bio Details’ Yonasani Kanyomzi, a former minister in charge of cooperatives and marketing in the administration of ApolloNNilton Obete, was declared dead on August 28, 2022, at the Akasero Hospital in Kampala. The long-time lawmaker passed away from cancer.

People want to know what killed the venomous leader, as well as what happened to his wife and kids. You begin here below.

Yona Kanyomozi Death Cause Explored

Yona Kanyomozi’s existence unquestionably enables a unique understanding of society. Just when one was about to describe him as unnaturally rigid, he appeared to have been politically and philosophically stable for decades.

He remembers the one-story home he bought in 1984, occupied from 1990 to 1993, rented it out to pay the mortgage, and moved back into in 2012.

Yona Kanyomzi, a former minister of cooperatives and a member of parliament for Bushenyi South, passed away from cancer today at the age of 82. Kanyomozi has previously served as a minister, national and municipal politician, activist, and technocrat, among other roles.

He is a pillar of the Uganda People’s Congress. Yona Kanyomozi fell suddenly a few hours after the government revealed the burial arrangements for former minister Gen. Elly Tumwine.

Veteran Politician Yona Kanyomozi Dies @ 82 Years- Yona Kanyomozi Wikipedia Bio: Who Is He?

Former cooperatives minister and Bushenyi South MP Yona Kanyomozi. On June 29, 1940, in Kajara, Ankole area, Yonasan Bankobeza Kanyomozi was born to the late Zakayo Kamugaruire Bwanugu and his mother, Tofasi Rwemagye (Mari) Bashorora.

From the London School of Economics, he received an honorary Bachelor of Science in economics degree. The cunning politician earned a master’s degree in administrative science from the graduate Center in 1969.

He is a member of the Obote Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). when Obote II was in power. From 1989 to 1996, the seasoned politician also served as a representative for the people of Bushenyi South Constituency. Kanyomozi represented the Kajara Nation on the National Resistance Council (NRC).

Veteran Politician Yona Kanyomozi Dies @ 82 Years- Death Cause, Wiki Bio Details
Veteran Politician Yona Kanyomozi Dies @ 82 Years- Death Cause, Wiki Bio Details

Additionally, he has consistently opposed the National Resistance Movement (NRM) administration of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

Yona was a former EALA MP, NRC member, and minister of cooperatives and marketing in the Obote 2 administration. Additionally, he taught M7 at Yale School. Kanyomozi also served as a representative in the East African Legislative Assembly in Arusha early on in the reestablished East African Community.

He is the stepbrother of Maj. Mugissha Muntu, a current Alliance for National Transformation party leader and a former army officer.

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Yona Kanyomozi Wife And Children

His wife and four children survived the former minister. Due to political influence, two of his children work outside of Uganda, making it challenging for the other two to obtain employment there. Dorothy Kanyomozi, Yona’s wife, passed away in March 2015 in Nakasero Hospital after a protracted battle with diabetes.

When his wife passed away, the politician thought back to when he first met her in the 1970s and the relationship they had as “one soul from two bodies.” During my exile, I met her in Kenya, and we lived together before agreeing to get married, Kanyomozi recalled. Because my mom was a hospitable person who frequently welcomed guests into our home, she gave me advice on how to become a man of people. My people also gave her the name BAtasya, which is Arabic for “one who welcomes.”

Ms. Betty Namisango Kamya, the president of the Uganda Federal Alliance, shared maternal ancestry with Mrs. Kanyomozi. Dorothy, who had abandoned her five children, was buried on March 15, 2015, in the Rwashemerirwe Ntungamo neighborhood.

The leader and his family resided in a home in Mbuya. This is not a residence for the wealthy or an old people’s mansion. This house fits the mold; it is old but untouched. The porch is near the children’s pool, which provides stunning views of Mutungo, Luzira, and the ever-evolving city skyline. This is where Kanyomozi relaxed. As a pastime, Kanyomozi used to mow the lawn.

The individual and the house resemble identical twins produced in various wombs in particular ways. The home has withstood the turbulent change in government and the difficult split from Mzee Yona over a mortgage disagreement. Only his grandson, wife, and housekeeper are left after it has seen many generations come and go.

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