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An Insight At Faze Rain Net Worth: Who Is His Girlfriend? Real Name Explored

We are taking ‘An Insight At Faze Rain Net Worth: Who Is His Girlfriend? Real Name Explored’ Faze Rain was deeply in love with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor, with whom he used to stream COD.

It was heartbreaking for the Canadian Youtuber that they were no longer together. He primarily plays Call of Duty, and he frequently posts video game updates on his Instagram account for his followers.

His sister and he played PS3 games together when he was in school, and as he developed, he eventually became a successful gaming YouTuber.

Quick Facts About FaZe Rains

Real Name Nordan Shat
Age 26
Born May 29, 1996
Nationality Canadian
Popular as FaZe Rain
Subscribers 5.36 million as of September 2022
Relationship Status Single

Who Is FaZe Rain Girlfriend?

In numerous of his videos, Faze Rain referred to the female Tylor, whom he had dated in the past, as Ty.

She shared the screen with him in the fall of 2014 in the video “MEET MY GIRLFRIEND!” Later, it was discovered that the pair had actually broken up in early 2016, with no explanation provided to the public.

He was involved with another girl after the unsuccessful connection, but he wouldn’t say who she was.

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However, in 2020, he tweeted, “My girlfriend’s parents removed her from me and won’t let me speak or chat to her in days,” along with the statement, “I couldn’t stop smiling when I was with her.” I only want her to come back.

An Insight At Faze Rain Net Worth
FaZe Rain frequently made videos with his girlfriend, Taylor before their breakup. ( Source: twitter )

This clearly demonstrates that he had some romantic connection, but the identity of his partner remains unknown because he has not mentioned it anywhere until now.

Furthermore, Rain was on leave after drug abuse left him in a wheelchair. He has not provided any updates on his personal life other than his health since then. We assume he is single and in recovery.

Faze Rain Was Confined To A Wheelchair Due To Drug Abuse

Fans have seen a new and unsettling side of FaZe Rain in recent years, as he has dealt with a variety of issues ranging from mental health issues to drug abuse.

Rain’s drug abuse spilled onto his social media, and it became immediately clear to fans that something was wrong with the former CoD YouTuber.

He was kicked out of the FaZe house in May 2020 and has had a turbulent time since then, finally admitting his mistakes and revealing that his drug use had left him paralyzed.

An Insight At Faze Rain Net Worth
FaZe Rain was confined in wheelchair because of drugs. ( Source: youtube )

His fans are relieved now that the star has returned to walking again for the first time in months and creating content.

Rain has officially returned to YouTube and Twitch as of March 2021. On March 12, he uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel, explaining his situation and revealing that he was now wheelchair-bound.

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He vows never to return to that state in the video, but also says he’s working with the best doctors to get back on his feet. Rain is in excruciating pain and couldn’t put any weight on his legs, but he appears to be on the mend.

He frequently discusses his rough mental state, even claiming that he can’t remember the last three months of his drug abuse.

An Insight At Faze Rain Net Worth:

FaZe Rain Net Worth In 2022

FaZe Rain has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2022. The Canadian Youtuber was previously worth around $3 million, but his earnings have plummeted since his absence from social media.

Rain is best known for his vlogs, fan mail openings, and Call of Duty videos. But, he has not uploaded any videos on his channel since a year ago, after making an announcement about his health and drug problem.

The Youtube star, along with Thomas Oliveira, co-founded FaZe Clan. It is an eSports organization that launches YouTube streams. CS: GO is the most popular game among members.

An Insight At Faze Rain Net Worth
Nordan “Rain” Shat previously earned millions from his YouTube and Twitch. ( Source: win )

His channel has 5.36 million subscribers and 1,065,942,132 views in total.

For every 1,000 video views, the average YouTuber can make $5, and a million views can be worth up to $5,000. According to this figure, he may have had 1,065,942,132 views and $5,329,710 in total career revenue as of September 2022.

YouTubers can also make money through affiliate marketing, sponsorship and endorsement arrangements, and merchandising.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is when affiliate links are used by YouTubers concerning some services, products, and offers. The YouTuber will receive a portion of the proceeds if a viewer clicks on the link in the video description and places an order.

Merch: Well-known YouTubers with a large following frequently turn their channel into a brand and begin selling clothing and accessories such as hoodies, T-shirts, hats, and stickers.

Faze team also has Fazeshop online but since, Rain was kicked out of the team he no longer received income from that Merch.

Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals: Some brands will work with YouTubers who have a large following to promote their products. In order to increase sales, many businesses are willing to pay YouTubers to promote or evaluate their products.

KSI and MrBeast are among the celebrities who have come out in support of their YouTube friend FaZe Rain after he posted some concerning tweets about his mental health.
KSI and MrBeast are among the celebrities who have come out in support of their YouTube friend FaZe Rain after he posted some concerning tweets about his mental health. ( Source: metro )

FaZe Rain Earnings As A Twitch Streamer

Faze Rain was popular as a Twitch Streamer with 539k followers at the moment. He basically streamed playing COD. However, he was recently banned from Twitch and there are no videos of him available on his account.

FaZe Rain Launched Cannabis Company with Exclusive Strain

Rain, who has recovered from mental health issues, has launched his own cannabis company after claiming that cannabis helped him overcome mental health issues.

‘RCVRY’ is the name of the company which is available online, but it still appears to be in the production phase.

According to Forbes, the following YouTubers are among the highest-paid:

S.N. YouTubers Net Worth 
1 Mr. Beast $54 million
2 Jake Paul $45 million
3 Markiplier $38 million
4 Rhett and Link $30 million
5 Unspeakable $28.5 million
6 Nastya $28 million
7 Ryan Kaji $27 million
8 Dude Perfect $20 million
9 Logan Paul  $18 million
10 Preston Arsement $16 million

FaZe Rain Is An Canadian YouTuber

FaZe Rain is a Canadian YouTuber whose real name is Nordan Shat.

Nordan Shat was born in the Canadian city of Toronto. He grew up in a loving family with his mother, father, and sister.

He claims that he was overweight as a child, but that he eventually lost the weight after about five years. Nordan was known as the class clown when he was younger and enjoyed making his classmates laugh.

As a result, he was frequently in trouble with his teachers, his family would often receive phone calls from his teachers, and he was sent to the principal’s office.

Rain hasn't been streaming, but the former Call of Duty trickshotter is playing
Rain hasn’t been streaming, but the former Call of Duty trick shooter is playing “a lot of Warzone” ( Source: dexerto )

Despite his difficult home life, Nordan found solace in playing on his PlayStation 2. One day when he returned from school, his father was gone which made him distraughtly.

Then he grew to be close to her mother’s boss whom he called as a stepfather. However, he began to feel depressed again, and he also had a breakup with his girlfriend of three years, which was his first heartbreak.

He was completely dissatisfied with life, not just his breakup, and didn’t know what to do with it.  He attempted self-harm by overdosing on Advil, which did not go well and landed him in the hospital for a week.

Nordan began seeing a therapist three to four years ago and said it was a positive experience for him. Mary, her therapist advised him to pursue a hobby.

Rain had mental health and substance abuse issues because of which he was absent from public media
Rain had mental health and substance abuse issues because of which he was absent from public media ( Source: youtube )

He was into YouTube at the time and was watching a lot of videos, mostly Call of Duty trick shooting. He watched YouTube for nearly two years before starting to create his own YouTube videos.

Since then, he has made YouTube videos his only focus in life and discovered a means of happiness via doing what he loves. On YouTube, he wants to convey joyful thoughts, make people smile, and show his viewers how much he cares about them.

Sadly, he is once more unproductive and hasn’t uploaded any videos to his channel.

Some FAQs

What Is FaZe Rain Condition?

Rain stated that he had been unable to walk for seven months but he is getting better and can walk on his legs.

Is Rain Still Part Of FaZe?

Fortunately, he was allowed to return to the FaZe mansion at the end of 2021.

Is FaZe Rain A FaZe Owner?

Faze Rain is the co-owner of FaZe Clan along with, Thomas “Temperrr” Oliveira, Yousef “Apex” Abdelfattah, Nordan “Rain” Shat, Brian “Rug” Awadis, Richard “Banks” Bengston, Alexander “Adapt” Prynkiewicz, and Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff.

Where Is FaZe Rain From Originally?

RaZe Rain is originally from Toronto, Canada.

Who Is The CEO Of FaZe Clan?

Cliff Morgan is the CEO of FaZe Clan.

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