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Steve Collier, 67, Husband Of Debbie Collier, The Georgia Mom Found Dead Claims He Loves His wife

Exploring ‘Steve Collier, 67, Husband Of Debbie Collier, The Georgia Mom Found Dead Claims He Loves His wife’ Debbie Collier’s husband spoke out for the first time on Friday about the loss of his beloved wife as police continue to investigate her puzzling murder, the Daily Mail reports.

Steve Collier, 67, Husband Of Debbie Collier, The Georgia Mom Found Dead Claims He Loves His wife

“She was a beautiful woman and I loved her,” Debbie’s husband, Steve Collier, told the news outlet. “It has been a long two weeks and I’m very tired. My wife was a wonderful person.”

Steven, 67, made the heartbreaking remarks in an interview at his home in Athens, Georgia, at times appearing to tear up, according to the Daily Mail.

The interview comes nearly two weeks since Debbie’s body was found about 60 miles from the couple’s home in a ravine near Tallulah Falls on September 11. The body was naked, partially burned, and appeared to be grasping a small tree, according to FOX 5.

Authorities located the remains by tracing an SUV Debbie had rented while her vehicle was being repaired.


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Debbie Collier: Missing Georgia Mom Found Dead After Sending Money To Daughter With Chilling Last Message

Police began investigating after the couple’s daughter, 36-year-old Amanda Bearden, allegedly received a Venmo money transfer from her mother on September 10 for $2,385 and a bizarre message that read “They are not going to let me go, love you.”

As Crime Online previously reported, a neighbor of the couple reported hearing “a commotion” at their residence on the night of September 9. The neighbor also alleged hearing screaming from the home on a frequent basis.

“Somebody comes up to visit on the weekends [and] in the evenings, and there’s loud screaming and fighting,” the neighbor told the New York Post.

The neighbor added that they believe the person visiting was a young woman.

Police have interviewed Amanda and her boyfriend, Andrew Tyler Giegerich, and have also seized their phones and searched their home, according to the Post. Both have a history of domestic violence arrests.

Andrew said investigators are examining everyone who was close to Debbie.

“The [police have] interrogated all of us. The people who are closest to [Collier] are kind of looked at as suspects right now,” Andrew told the newspaper.

Steven has told police that he last saw Debbie around 9 p.m. on the night before she vanished and that her rental vehicle was still in the driveway when he left for work the following morning, according to the Post.

The husband reported to police that he had not seen Debbie that morning as the couple slept in separate bedrooms because he snores.

Steven told the Post that authorities have not shared much information with him about what they’ve found beyond what was been released publicly.

“Police found my wife’s body in Habersham County, near Clarkesville, Georgia. They said it wasn’t suicided and it wasn’t a kidnapping,” Steven told the Post “They said it was murder. If they have any more information, they haven’t shared it with me yet.”

Investigators have not publicly identified any suspects and as of Friday evening were still awaiting autopsy results.

To report information about the case, call Habersham County Sheriff’s Office investigators Cale Garrison at 706-839-0559 or George Cason at 706-839-0560.

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