Home Entertainment IShowSpeed accuses Roblox players of $exually assaulting him

IShowSpeed accuses Roblox players of $exually assaulting him

IShowSpeed accuses Roblox players of $exually assaulting him

Let’s explore the moment IShowSpeed accuses Roblox players’ IShowSpeed has over 19 million subscribers on YouTube. He was mired in controversy after accidentally flashing his viewers during a live stream.

IShowSpeed accuses Roblox players
IShowSpeed accuses Roblox players

After the incident, during a recent stream, Speed hit back at Roblox players who made fun of him over the incident, insisting that it was an accident.

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IShowSpeed fires back at Roblox players

Speed was seen playing on a Roblox server during a recent livestream, chatting with other users.

Some players, however, made the choice to tease Speed, calling him “IShowMeat,” alluding to the flashing episode. Speed accused them of humiliating him when he learned he was being made fun of.

Speed claimed that the incident had negatively impacted not just his own mental health but also the well-being of his family.

“This is really a f*****g embarrassing moment for me. Nah, I mean. And I’ve been experiencing mental pain recently, during the last few hours,” Speed remarked.

Speed further stated, “Genuinely bro, I am still a human being at the end of the day. And one of my worst fears that I never ever wanted to happen.” 

Speed then stated, “Can you stop bro? Just stop bro. Why look like that? You know it makes me feel weird bro, it feels like you’re sexually assaulting me, bro. It feels like an assault when people say stuff like that.”

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IShowSpeed’s fans come to his support

Many of Speed’s took to X to share their reactions. One fan said, “Bro actually i feel bad he was trying to make us laugh and messed up.”

Another said, “It’s okay speed! People won’t understand what you feel! I hope you get over this soon!”

“Remember speed always makes people laugh, don’t let him be sad,” a third user advised. Keep up the speed.

I’m available for talks at any time, I didn’t see the life, and I don’t intend to see any reposts, so don’t beat yourself up about it, buddy. We all make errors. Everyone should pause for a moment and use some restraint; where I come from, he is just 18 years old.

A fifth questioned why, whenever he became irritated, he would always shake his flesh in front of the camera if this was his worst fear. It had to happen at some time, with him shaking it like that.

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