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Is The Little Mermaid Emily Coates Dating Photographer Anna Lucia Sadler?

Let’s find out ‘Is The Little Mermaid Emily Coates Dating Photographer Anna Lucia Sadler?’ Fans are hoping that British actress and model Emily Coates will play Vanessa, Ursula’s human form, in Disney’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

The multi-talented actress began her professional life as a model before making the switch to the entertainment business. With regard to advanced photo shoots, ad campaigns, and numerous regional events, Emily worked.

2017 saw the beginning of Emily’s acting career on television. She played Lucy Pellow in the first season of the television show Ackley Bridge, which gave her a permanent foothold in the movie business.

On July 17, 2020, she made a comeback with her Netflix series Cursed, in which she played the part of Sister Iris. She became recognized as one of the best actresses because of the film.

Emily Coates Quick Facts

Name Emily Coates
Date of Birth 24th January 1995
Birthplace London
Father N/A
Mother Eugenie Coates
Siblings Ben Coates
Profession Actress and Model
Networth $1M

The Little Mermaid: Who Is Emily Coates? Wikipedia

Emily Coates is an American actress and model who will appear in Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid on May 26, 2023, but her role has yet to be confirmed. 

Coates will appear alongside lead actors Halle Bailey and Jonah Hauer-King. The emerging actress is yet to be featured on mainstream media portals like Wikipedia. 

Modeling was Emily’s first line of work before she transitioned to the entertainment business. She has an extensive theater background and has almost hundreds of theater and drama credits to her name.

The critics praised her performances in The Jungle Book, The Winter’s Tale, and Peter Pan. Emily made her big-screen debut on the television program Ackley Bridge.

Emily Coatesplayed the role of Sister Iris in Cursed (2020)
Emily Coatesplayed the role of Sister Iris in Cursed (2020) ( Source: imdb )

She came into the media’s limelight after she portrayed the role of Sister Iris in the 2019 Netflix series “Cursed.” 

The actress played the role of Milly in the first episode of Oliver Lansley’s comedy-drama TV series “Flack,” which aired in 2019. The drama was directed by Jonathan Schey and aired in 2019. 

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Emily Coates Girlfriend Is British Photographer Anna Lucia Sadler

Emily Coates’s girlfriend, Anna Lucia Sadler, is a British director and photographer. She is also known for modeling and appearing in minor roles in movies.

The beautiful couple started dating around March 2019 based on an Instagram post they made.

Lucia’s CV includes work collaborations with the biggest music stars in the world. She started her photography and directing in 2014 and worked for small regional businesses in the UK.

Emily Coates in the television series  Ladhood (2019)
Emily Coates in the television series Ladhood (2019) ( Source: imdb )

Her areas of interest came into focus after some time spent helping businesses, and she started working as a photographer and filmmaker for music festivals and concerts.

She worked for a while before she was named festival director and vision mixer. Then Lucia managed a few music festivals at Wembley Arena and the renowned o2 Academies.

Her notable work includes Stereophonics, Rita Ora, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Enrique Iglesias, and Anderson Paak. She accompanied these musicians on tour while documenting their shows and concerts. 

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Age And Height Of Emily Coates

Emily Coates, age 27, is a British actress who came into the limelight after her appearances in the tv series “Cursed.” She stands tall at 5’7”(1.70cm) and weighs 54kg.

At 16, she enrolled at a local theatre where she played in theatre dramas like Peter Pan, The Winter’s Tale, and The Jungle Book. Her work experiences in theatre helped her in the film industry.

She auditioned for the role of Lucy Pellow in the drama series Ackley Bridge when she was only 22 years old. Emily got the role, and the series continued to air for three consecutive seasons.

Emily Coates during her post interview session for her movie Cursed
Emily Coates during her post-interview session for her movie Cursed ( Source: blogograph )

When she played Sister Iris in the Netflix series “Cursed,” which also included talented actors Katherine Langford and Daniel Sharman, Emily made a comeback in 2019.

The excellent actress, who was 25 at the time, plays Milly in the 2019 comedy-drama TV series “Flack.”

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Who Are Emily Coates Parents?

Emily Coates was born on January 24, 1995, in London, England, to supportive parents, mother Eugenie Coates, and a mysterious father. They celebrated their 30th anniversary on June 13.

They had their hands full with two daughters running around the house.

Emily Coates's Parents on their wedding day thirty years ago on June 13, 1992.
Emily Coates’s Parents on their wedding day thirty years ago on June 13, 1992. ( Source : instagram )

The news portals don’t have any information on her father. She only mentioned her father once, on April 3, 2020, when she shared a list of ten life-saving lessons he gave her when he was eight years old on Twitter.

On Father’s Day in 2021, she posted a photo of herself and her dad. Her caption made it clear that her father wasn’t on social media.

Emily Coates with her father on 2021 Father's Day.
Emily Coates with her father on 2021 Father’s Day. ( Source : instagram )

Given how often they can be seen having fun together on Eugenie’s official Instagram and other social media, it is clear that Eugenie’s mother and daughter have a very strong relationship.

Eugenie enrolled her kid in the neighborhood high school and went on to receive her degree from London University. She shared her early years with her sister Beatrice Coates.

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Is Emily Coates On Instagram?

Emily Coates is available on Instagram at @milycoates. The British actress has an unverified account with 12.7k followers at the moment.

Based on her account, we have managed to gather she lives with her girlfriend and cat Jessie. Jessie celebrated turning five with her human caretakers on March 20 by eating what looks to be tuna.

Her Instagram post features beautiful portraits, selfies, and post-credits scenes from her movie and television series. She also frequently shares pictures of her girlfriend, Anna Lucia Sadler.

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