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Sherri Papini Story, New Video Shows Moment Mom’s Fake Kidnapping Hoax Unravels

Looking into ‘Sherri Papini Story, New Video Shows Moment Mom’s Fake Kidnapping Hoax Unravels’ New video footage shows the moment Sherri Papini admitted to California cops that her 2016 kidnapping was a hoax.

Sherri Papini Story, New Video Shows Moment Mom’s Fake Kidnapping Hoax Unravels

On Monday, Papini, 39, was sentenced to 41 months in prison and fined $300,000 for falsely claiming to have been kidnapped for 22 days. The newly-released surveillance footage, which was broadcast on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” shows the moment Shasta County revealed to Papini that they knew the man she was with during her disappearance was ex-boyfriend James Reyes.

“We have everything that says that [Reyes] told the truth,” an investigator comments. “Now the parts that don’t make sense is that you’re accusing two females who abducted you when it was James… The part that you were branded, James did it.”

Papini’s husband was sitting alongside her in the interrogation room when the kidnapping hoax unraveled.

Reyes reportedly confessed to cops that Papini hit herself in the nose with something while she was with him. He claimed he did “help her” by shooting a puck of her leg.

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In the recording, Papini is heard saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong,” before police say they have conducted polygraph tests and reviewed phone records and car rentals which contradicted her story.

“I love my husband and I made mistakes talking to other men,” Papini tearfully responds.

Later, police can be overheard discussing with Papini’s spouse the evidence they’ve found demonstrating that Papini lied about her kidnapping.

“You’ve heard my side, but now you’re telling me, ok you guys can go home now,” he says to the cops. “Well, because I don’t want her near my kids or around me at this time,” he continues.

In April of this year, two days after Papini pled guilty to lying to the FBI and faking her own kidnapping, her husband filed for divorce.

The beginning of Papini’s prison sentence has been set for November 8. She will serve an 18-month sentence followed by three years of probation.

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